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Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub Bites

Gone are the days when a pub might survive only by marketing beers and spirits.

british pub 209x300 Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub BitesThe pubs which are thriving are the ones with an awesome standing for great old-fashioned pub grub, able to be paired with your favorite ale, spirit, and now wine. As the standard of food rises, Gastro pubs and restaurants are opening with equally impressive wine choices to suit every palate and budget. Below are five British pub classics, and a suggestion regarding which wine might work well with every dish.

1. Fish & Chips 

Cod tail hand-battered with a specially prepared cider batter, served with freshly cooked chips, petit pois peas, fresh carrots, a fresh lemon quarter plus Heinz tomato ketchup found on the side.

Delicious with…

wine that is refreshing, with hints of citrus
and grapefruit. e.g.Les Nuages Touraine Sauvignon Blanc
Fact: this combination is the best seller for lunch at Stovells, a fantastic restaurant inside Surrey, close London, UK

fish and chips 300x214 Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub Bites

2. Pie & Mash

Homemade, freshly baked steak, ale plus mushroom pie with its own wealthy gravy served with freshly cooked Maris Piper potatoes plus Mediterranean greens. 

Fantastic with…..

wine with hints of red berries plus black cherry combo with dark chocolate plus spicy undertones. e.g. Valdivieso Carmenere

pie and mash 300x175 Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub Bites

3. Sausage & Mash

sausage plus mash – these are a perfect tasty combo

Three hand-made Cumberland sausages wrapped inside bacon inside a wealthy red wine, port plus redcurrant sauce served with carrot plus swede mash.

Hits the region with…..

wine with hints of blackberry plus blackcurrants with a dash of white pepper. e.g. Cotes Du Rhone Village Louis Bernard

4. Steak & Chips

succulent plus full of taste – a superior rib eye steak

Tender, moist plus matured farm-assured rib-eye steak. The right is reared outside Casterbridge. Served with freshly cooked chips, battered onion rings, plus garnished with cherry tomatoes, fresh carrots, oyster mushrooms plus watercress.

Perfect with…

wine which delivers intense black cherry, blackberries plus spicy flavours that function wonderfully with all the amount of taste plus consistency of steak. e.g. Argento Malbec

steak and chips 300x225 Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub Bites

5. Classic Burger

A homemade burger prepared with British, farm-raised beef, served inside a toasted rosemary and sea-salt foccacia, with white cheddar, freshly cooked chips, topped with a tomato garnish. Caramelized red-onion chutney found found on the side!

Classically combine with…..

Wine that is spicy and silky, with hints of
black cherries. e.g. Villa Dei Fiori Primitivo Di Puglia

Burger with fries 300x180 Wine Pairing with 5 Favorite Pub Bites

Combine to a heart’s content

What ends the top five of British pub “grub”? Weighing inside with 4 reds and 1 white, certain vino blanco drinkers usually feel they’re not catered for. Fear not; please don’t take our word for it.  Try any wine you fancy with a pub bite.

This post was created by the lovely people at Les Routiers, who review pubs and restaurants on a daily basis.