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Wine & Media A perfect Pairing

We are all well aware of what it is logical to assume. The struggling economy has taken quite the toll on the wine industry. Start-ups and well established wineries both are feeling the heat. However, people are still purchasing wine by the gallons! So where is the problem?
It comes down to cost of quantity. Historically wine was judged by its complex tastes and aromas aged to perfection over the years. Naturally this would increase the price of the wine. But today wine has become more of a symbolic drink than a strive for perfect drink. What will people pay for a symbol to mark a special occasion? Well now it seems less than $10.00. Which is the common price of the vast majority of wine now sold to the 18 to 35 age market.
The best practice to take advantage of is to give more for the same price your wine is currently selling for. Try offering a “Two for One” special, adding a wine cork remover with your companies name on it, or a unique looking wine glass with each bottle sold. If you sell through a website try offering free shipping or a box of chocolates from your local chocolate store with the purchase. Anything you can do to keep your price similar to how they were but offer enticements that convince a to be customer that it is a good deal!
The marketing of liqueur through the web has its own advantages and one of these is its cost-effectivity. Due to the net’s technical efficiency in terms of communication, transaction costs are reduced. Because of this, many established wineries extended their businesses in the World Wide Web creating more competition and a variety of choices for buyers anywhere.
Even the biggest companies with the best products will be stuck with excess stock from time to time. As one of the most powerful promotional tools in the world, email marketing can definitely lend a hand when it comes to time get rid of it. By following the tips in this article, a winery can shed some of the dead weight without suffering too much damage to their bottom line.