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California Wine Tasting

Did you know that the state of California is responsible for producing 90 percent of the United States’ total wine production? That’s a lot of wine. With over 3,750 bonded wineries operating within the Golden State as of 2012, it is no wonder that California continues to uphold its international reputation as one of the world’s finest wine regions in the world; producing over 207.7 million cases of wine each year. Wine lovers throughout the Pacific coast and throughout the country continue to flock to California’s many vineyards for tours and tastings. So whether, you are a resident of California who is looking to spend a day sampling vino from a local winery, or a traveller seeking a week-long vineyard getaway vacation, the opportunities in the Valley and beyond are endless and the possibility of finding wine tasting deals and tours help make it that much more accessible.

Tastings and Tours by Region

There are over 107 registered viticultural areas in California; this is due in large part to the nature of the unique and varied WineTastingDeals 300x199 Tours, Classes, Wine Tasting Deals and Moremicroclimates that California possesses. This in turn, is also one of the most significant reasons why the state of California is able to grow a variety of grapes and blends and produce the extremely diverse and wide-ranging array of wines that it does. Examples of some of the most famous Californian viticultural areas include the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley. While there are 107 registered Californian viticultural areas, the wine regions of California are most commonly divided into 4 main regions.  These include the North Coast, Central Coast, South Coast, and most notably; the Central Valley, which is California’s largest wine-producing region. These areas continue to be hotspots not only for their wine production, but for an increasing amount of wine and vineyard-related tourism manifesting in comprehensive vineyard tours, wine tasting deals, luxury accommodation, and wine-making workshops.

Navigating Wine and Vineyard Tourism in California

There are many exciting things to consider if you are interested in planning a trip to explore California’s diverse wine country. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you may wish to identify a particular Californian wine region or even particular vineyards within that region that may reflect your tastes. If you don’t know where exactly you would like to go, but are keen on having a truly unique experience you may be more interested in finding specialty wine tours or specialty wine tasting deals that offer that little something extra, for example, a wine harbor cruise, an authentic grape stomping experience, a vineyard tour or even a champagne tasting via hot air balloon ride.

Great Experiences at Great Value

Without a doubt, California’s rich viticultural areas and stunning variety of vineyards and wine-related activities provide any wine lover with endless and exciting ways to experience California’s rich wine culture. At Cal Wine Cellars, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to do just that.  We pride ourselves on fostering positive and meaningful relationships with Californian wine-producers, wine cellars, and vineyards. This in turn, enables us to provide our wine-lovers with the best and most exciting opportunities to experience a variety of unique wine-related adventures, wine tasting deals and tours at truly great prices.

Whatever your taste, one thing is certain, you are sure to find your bliss among the grapes and vineyards of California.