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Problems with Purchasing?

First, please check to see if your order was already processed by logging in to your account. (Deals that were purchased as gifts will be under “Gifts.”) If you don’t see your order there, it could just mean that order processing is taking a little longer today, but we’ll be sure to send you a purchase confirmation email within 24 hours. If you don’t receive confirmation by then, please contact us.

Where are my purchased Deals, and how do I print them?

You can always find all of your Deals by logging into your account and looking under “Purchases Overview.” If you bought the Deal as a gift, it will be located under “Gifts.” Once you see your deals listed under your account, simply click “View Voucher” to download the PDF file of the Deal(s) to your computer. Once that file opens, you can print it like you would any document. Then just bring your voucher in with you to redeem your wine tasting promotion.

Problem making an appointment with business?

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach a business or schedule an appointment shortly after their deal is featured. Please have patience when trying to reserve a spot immediately after purchasing. If you’ve waited a week or so and are still having trouble, double-check the redemption instructions on your Deal voucher to make sure you’re using the best contact info. If that doesn’t work, please contact us. We’re glad to reach out to the business. We want to ensure that all of our deals are a pleasurable experience for everyone.

**Reservations are required with most deals, so please contact the merchant to make reservations and find out if there are any select dates for your promotion.

What if my Deal is about to expire?

We encourage you to use your purchased deal as explained in the fine print. However, after the expiration date on a Deal, you may still use your voucher at the business for the amount paid, which never expires. The “promotional value” of the deal may expire after 180 or more days depending on the deal details, however the “retail value” is still honored by the merchant. This is the amount that you paid for the voucher and is still redeemable with the merchant. If you have questions regarding this policy, please refer to our terms of use for more information.

Problems viewing the site today?

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience while visiting our site. If you notice any problems, please contact us directly so we can resolve any issues with the site. We always appreciate your feedback, comments & suggestions.

Can I return a Deal?

We are always here to help! We have a number of ways to come to your aid, depending on the reason you’re asking:

“I just changed my mind.” Any unredeemed Local voucher may be returned for a refund within the first (7) days after purchase. After that, all sales are final.

“I redeemed my voucher and was disappointed in my experience.” We always want you to have a great experience with Cal Wine Cellars. If you use a Deal voucher and are disappointed by your experience, we’ll work with you to make it right, please contact us.

“I tried to redeem my Deal voucher for the amount paid and the business refused to honor it.” Contact us, and we will make sure you can redeem your voucher for the retail price as stated in the Fine Print. Please see terms & conditions for additional details.

“I tried to redeem my Deal voucher and the business was closed.” If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your Deal voucher, we’ll make sure you get a refund. Simply contact us.

How can I contact Cal Wine Cellars?

We’d love to hear from you regarding any questions or concerns.  Contact Us here.