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Wine Tips for your Thanksgiving Feast

wine thanksgiving Wine Tips for your Thanksgiving Feast

As we all get ready for our Thanksgiving feasts this week, many of us wonder what might be the perfect wine to drink over the Holiday weekend.  Here a a few suggestions…..


What kind of wine should I bring to our friend’s Thanksgiving dinner party?

We’ve found that a sparkling wine is the perfect gift to bring to any home. It’s festive, it look nice on the table, it goes it with almost all foods and it’s tasty.  So, when in doubt, share something bubbly this Thanksgiving.

What white wines should I serve with my turkey dinner?

Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc are always nice options for an afternoon feast.  These white wines are light, fresh and go well with your turkey dinner.

What red wines should I serve with my turkey dinner?

Pinot Noir, Rose, or a Beaujolais Nouveau are our favorites for Thanksgiving.  While they offer a lighter side of the red wine, they are strong enough for a richer pallet.  The Beaujolais Nouveau is especially festive this time of year.

What wine could I sip while watching football?

Wine with football?  Why not?  While beer is the more common drink of choice while shouting “Touchdown,” try opening a bottle of a deep, big red wine. A big bold Napa Cab usually does the trick.

What wines should I serve with my pumpkin and pecan pies?

To add a little something extra to your Thanksgiving meal, try offering a nice desert wine to go with your pies such as Riesling or a Muscato.  They both offer a sweet, crisp taste that will perfectly compliment your dessert.  Or, if you’ve had enough wine by this part of the day move on to Rum….  Rum and pecan pie offer an almost perfect pairing.

Regardless of what you serve or sip, we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!