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As our website grows and more and more people join Cal Wine Cellars, we thought we would take a minute to share more about ourselves and how we can help grow your business.  With our fabulous subscriber base, amazing marketing promotions and savvy website there’s a lot to be gained by joining the Cal Wine Cellars Network.

First, Who is Cal Wine Cellars?

Cal Wine Cellars is about connecting wine enthusiasts with outstanding California Wines, restaurants, and wine tasting experiences.

Our wine lovers sign-up to receive emails with information and promotions from California wine-related businesses.  With each email, we feature a different promotion and create a custom email campaign about an exclusive offer.  This could be a wine special, a tasting room experience, or maybe an upcoming special event — all offering exclusive specials.

Who is part of the Cal Wine Cellars network?

Cal Wine Cellars is a network filled with wine enthusiasts looking for various ways to discover and savor California wines.  Our members are looking for that next great wine experience to share with their friends & family, and we bring them directly to you.

Why Partner with Cal Wine Cellars?

Cal Wine Cellars works with California businesses and helps market their wines to our network of wine lovers across the country. We bring quality wines & wine tasting deals and experiences to our members, and targeted customers to our wine partners.

How is Cal Wine Cellars Different?

We are a wine marketing company that has created a niche market in the industry, we work directly with our merchants to help promote their wines or events. We respect the quality and pricing of your product.

How are we different from other “promotional” platforms such as Living Social and Groupon? 

- You (the merchant) are in control of the retail value of your promotion. We don’t require a 50% discount of your product, but rather design a “wine tasting package” with you that is marketable to our members.

- No upfront costs & minimal marketing fees. You keep 70% of any sale, we only take a 30% marketing fee on deals purchased and absorb all credit card fees. (Groupon/LS take 50-60%)

- Targeted Audience of wine lovers. Our members are only interested in finding new wines and wine-tasting experiences. Our targeted campaigns promote your wine product through our multi-marketing strategies leading them directly to your tasting room.

-Merchant payment structure. Processed payments are sent directly to merchanst within 30 days of purchase. Groupon/LS send these over a series of separate monthly payments.

How can we deliver customers to your business?

The persuasive offer we develop together will include a showcase of your venue, to get customers into your tasting room or restaurant, purchasing your wines, and coming back for more. 

  • The promotion will be emailed to our network of wine enthusiasts and will be available for purchase for 1-4 weeks, depending on preference.

  • In order to take advantage of your offer, members must prepay by purchasing a “Deal” certificate from Cal Wine Cellars while it is available.

  • Once the deal is purchased, Cal Wine Cellars provides a printable voucher that they redeem with you when they visit your venue. 

More Benefits of Partnering With Us?

Cash Infusion- Revenue generated from your offer, less agreed marketing fees, is available to you within 30 days of closing promotion.

Upsell Opportunities- Additional revenue is generated when your new customers come in to redeem their vouchers as they typically spend more than the face value of their certificates.

Risk free Advertising- there is no cost to having your business featured on Cal Wine Cellars.  You are essentially redirecting your advertising dollars and giving them to prospective customers as an enticement to try you out.  You get great exposure to new customers, and our members get to try a new tasting experience!

Cal Wine Cellars Promotional Marketing Advantages 

  • Promotions & Exclusive offers

  • Branding E-Blasts

  • Banner Advertising

  • Social Media marketing

Let us introduce you to our Wine Lovers!

To learn more of how we can help grow your business, please contact us today.

Call Us: 562-283-3198

Email Us: sales@calwinecellars.com