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How to Chill Wine Fast!

Here’s a great summer wine tasting tip…

Have you ever had friends stop by unannounced?  Or maybe you want to celebrate something unexpectedly?  Or, you simply want to open a bottle of white that should have been chilling in the refrigerator, but of course wasn’t.  Well, we just learned about the fastest way you can chill wine.

Teacher and author Tyler Colman (otherwise known as Dr. Vino) recommends submerging the bottle of wine in ice water.  Yes, submerge it!  According to him, the temperature will drop much faster than if you place it in a fridge or even the freezer. The cooler the better.

So we gave it a try here at Cal Wine Cellars, (well, not during business hours) and it worked!  It took about 20 minutes in the ice water, and much longer in the freezer, and the wine was terrific.  Thanks Dr. Vino!

wine in ice How to Chill Wine Fast!

You can learn more wine tips and tricks (like the best way to save leftover wine) from Dr. Vino here.

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